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Elizabethtown Volume 2 soundtrack

Elizabethtown Volume 2 (2005)
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Format: CD
UPC: 82876770962
Label: RCA Victor
Label number: 77096
Running time: not on file
Shipping date: February 7th, 2006
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Album Tracklist
1.  Learning to Fly - Tom Petty
2.  English Girls Approximately - Ryan Adams
3.  Jesus was a Crossmaker - Rachael Yamagata
4.  Funky Nassau - Beginning of the End
5.  Loro - Pinback
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: Does anyone know where you can obtain a copy of the Tom Petty song "Jack"? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks in advance. (from MustangMan in Mountville PA USA)
A: It's on his new album "Highway Companion." (thanks to DM, Southern California, U.S.A.add more info
A: Tom Petty song "Jack" is from the 2006 album Highway Companion. (thanks to Sue, Lewisville, NC, USAadd more info

Q: What is the name of the song that plays on his phone when it rings, and who is the artist? (from Karina in Albuquerque NM)
A: "I Can't Get Next to You" by The Temptations (thanks to Hornsbyadd more info

Q: On his drive back home near the end of the movie, loads of great songs were playing as he drove (the CD he's listening to was made for him by Claire). If anyone can tell me the names of all or any of those songs, I would be greatful! Thanks.  (from sesame-seed in Winnipeg, Canada)
A: In order: "That's Life" James Brown, "Hard Times" eastmountainsouth, "Let It Out (Let It All Right Hang Out)" The Hombres, "Sugar Blue" Jeff Finlin, "Yeah Man" Eddie Hinton, "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" U2, "Words" Ryan Adams, "Don't I Hold You" Wheat, "What Are They Doing In Heaven Today" Washington Phillips, "Square One" Tom Petty, "My Father's Gun" Elton John, and "English Girls Approximately" Ryan Adams. (thanks to alx, Turrialba, Costa Ricaadd more info

Q: Does anyone know the music heard when Drew and Clair find one another in the market at the end?? It's instrumental, and beautiful, and I can't seem to find out what the title is. If anyone knows I would love to know! Thanks. (from Shar in canada)
A: I am not 100 percent sure, but I believe it's a variation of the song "River Kiss" by Nancy Wilson. It's on the original score CD. (thanks to DM, Southern California, U.S.A.add more info

Q: Does anyone know the name of the music in the trailer just after he gets fired and pushed out the door of his work? It is only instrumental and has no words.
...from shaz in NYC, NY (answer shaz's question)

Q: What is the title of the instrumental music just as Claire and Drew decide to met each other looking at the sunrise (at ~52-54 minutes - briefly before Tom Petty's "Learning to Fly")? (from Sascha in Germany)
A: The song is "Passing By" from Ulrich Schnauss. (thanks to Sascha, Germanyadd more info

Q: What song is playing when Drew and Claire walk to the airplane, and then Claire sees Drew alone sitting in plane?
...from est in indonesia (answer est's question)

Q: What is the song heard at the beginning? It's playing when Drew is celebrating at work and Ellen smiles at him.
...from ashlie in canada (answer ashlie's question)

Q: What song is playing when Orlando is in his room about to get on the exercise bike with the knife? (from Joe P in Cleveland, OH USA)
A: It's "Shut Us Down" by Lindsey Buckingham. Answered my own question. (thanks to Joe P, Cleveland, OH USAadd more info

Q: What is the specific INSTRUMENTAL version of "Moon River" called that is used when Susan Sarandon tap dances at her husband's memorial? What album is it on?
...from rachel in ny (answer rachel's question)

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