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The Fifth Element soundtrack

The Fifth Element (1997)
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Format: CD
UPC: 72438442032
Label: Virgin
Label number: 44203
Running time: 62m42s
Shipping date: May 6th, 1997
Original score by Eric Serra
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Album Tracklist
1. Little Light Of Love [4:50]
2. Mondoshawan [4:01]
3. Timecrash [1:49]
4. Korben Dallas [1:43]
5. Koolen [0:55]
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: Who is the artist who sings "Little Light Of Love"? (from Guy in Reno, NV)
A: R.X.R.A. (thanks to Ken Jones, Denveradd more info
A: More specifically, written and sung by Eric Serra (R.X.R.A. is one of his albums). The female voice is Nourith, who sings on some of his other songs. (thanks to Buey, Milwaukee, WIadd more info

Q: Who sings the diva dance song? (from Charlie in Kansas City)
A: Inva Mula (thanks to albajimmy, Flushing,N.Yadd more info
A: The diva dance song is performed by two people. The character you see onscreen is performed by French actress Ma´wenn Le Besco. The singing you hear is from opera star Ivna Mula-Tchako. (thanks to Bill Kilpatrick, Lakeland, Floridaadd more info
A: The name is actually spelled Inva Mulla Tchako ... two Ls (thanks to Nikki, Illiniosadd more info

Q: Whose singing voice or voices were used for the character Diva Plavalaguna? (from robbw1152 in Chicago, IL USA)
A: The artist Inva Mula-Tchako. Part of the song that the Diva sings is from the opera Lucia Di Lammermoor, and very often goes by the title "The Mad Song," as it is song by Lucia as she goes crazy thinking that the ghost of her brother is haunting her. (thanks to Yumemi, Rexburg, Idaho (only for school)add more info

Q: Who are the "several people" who are singing the diva dance? Some people say that it is Sarah Brightman, is that true? (from brenda in halifax nova scotia canada)
A: The singer is Inva Mula-Tchako, whose voice wasn't digitally altered. (thanks to Nickkyndt, Belgiumadd more info

Q: At the end of the movie, where Bruce and Milla are kissing in that thing, there's a song playing. What is it called and who sings it? Cheers. (from Mini in Florida/UK)
A: The artist R.x.r.a. sings "Little light of Love." If you want the lyrics go to (thanks to Yumemi, Rexburg, Idaho (just for school)add more info

Q: What is the song called and who sings the one Chris Tucker sings when he does his radio show? All he sings is "...all night long..." (from dan in australia)
A: That comes from the Lionel Ritchie dance tune from 1983 called "All Night Long." (thanks to Joe, Nebraskaadd more info

Q: What is the name of the song, artist, or anything you know about the Hawaiian song sung when Milla first arrives at Floston Paradise? (from Denero in Canada)
A: The composer named the unreleased song "Vacation Cruise." (thanks to sivehc, Acworth, Gaadd more info

Q: What are the lyrics to the opera? I can't seem to find them. (from Katie in Alabama)
A: The opera is "Lucia di Lammermoor." The song used in Fifth Element is "Il Dolce Suono," sung by the character Lucia, often referred to as "Lucia's Mad Scene" or simply "The Mad Scene." You can find the lyrics - original Italian, plus translation - here. (thanks to Jadelyn, Nowhereadd more info
A: The song is from Lucia diLammermore, except it is under No. 14 scene ed aria, "Ardon gl'incensi" to whomever is searching frantically. (thanks to Heather, Arizonaadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when leeloo gets out of the auto wash?? (from Question in staten island)
A: "Mina Hino" and it is composed by Eric Serra. (thanks to cheche, australiaadd more info

Q: What is the name of Sarah Brightman's song?  (from Tiff in Clearwater FL USA)
A: It isn't Sarah Brightman's song, actually. The song (before the techno bit, obviously) is "Il Dolce Suono" from the opera "Lucia di Lammermoor" and here it is sung by Inva Mula. (thanks to Jadelyn, Nowhereadd more info

Q: After listing to this soundtrack, I was unable to find the music track from the Korbin Dallas Police chase scene in the movie. It sounded like Middle Eastern/North African, fast and up tempo. Where can I find this music? (from Rufus in New Jersey)
A: The artist's name is Khaled and the song title is "Alech Taadi." (thanks to PAKman, Amarillo, Texas, USAadd more info
A: Try and type in "Khaled." The song is on his album "N'ssi N'ssi" (thanks to PAKman, Amarillo, Texas, USAadd more info

Q: In the end-theme version of "Little Light of Love," there is a girl singing. Who is it? Please don't misunderstand: it is not Eric Serra I am looking for. (from Magnus in Sweden)
A: Her name is Nourith. She is Israeli. (thanks to Buey, Milwaukee, WIadd more info

Q: When they are kissing at the end of the m ovie what is the song the guy is sinding? I've already looked up "Little Light of Love" but that's not it. (from Rya in san antonio, texas)
A: It is that song, but just the ending of it. Listen to the end... (thanks to co3mo, Bratislava, Slovakiaadd more info
A: It's Peter Gabriel (the "Sledgehammer" song singer) (thanks to Johnny V, Ocala, FL, USAadd more info
A: This song is not sung by Peter Gabriel. It's Eric Serra's vocals. (thanks to LeelooD5E, St. Louis, MOadd more info

Q: In the end, when Bruce and Milla are kissing, the song in the credits is "Little Light of Love," but before that -- some guy is singing in a rock-type voice as the camera moves into the chamber. Who is that? What is the song? (from T-Dub in Orlando, FL)
A: "How We Operate" by Gomez. (thanks to Jamie, O-town WIadd more info

Q: I watched this film on TV and the song in the ending titles differed from the soundtrack. The ending credits song is completely hummed. What's the name of this song, please?
...from C'elestine in New Hope, Minnesota (answer C'elestine's question)

Q: What's the song and artist of the music playing in the taxi/cop chase after the cops pulled Corbin over to take LeeLoo? I see it's not on the soundtrack... (from germaine in Stockholm, Sweden)
A: "Alech Taadi" by Cheb Khaled (thanks to Seth Solace, Brooklynadd more info

Q: What's the tune that Korben's alarm-radio plays when he wakes up? (from Dan in Canberra)
A: It is called "Korben Dallas" from the official movie soundtrack. (thanks to Dudeman, The internetsadd more info

Q: It seems there are endless versions of the song "Little Light of Love" but I can't seem to find the version at the end credits with the extended version of the female singer (she makes the song great!). Does any one know were I can get this extended version with her? Please help, thanks.
...from yabadabado in newport bch, CA, USA (answer yabadabado's question)

Q: What is the Hawaiian group's name that sings the song "Vacation Cruise"?
...from mystery in decatur, ga. usa (answer mystery's question)

Q: You say the song the Diva sings is "Il Dolce Suono" but why is there "The Diva Dance"? Aren't they the same in the movie? Well put together as a performance? I just want to know What part is where the high and low notes are it and what song that is exactly? (from misscurios in OREGON)
A: "Il Dolce Suono" is the first part of the song, sung a capella in Italian. When the accompaniment comes in and the singer switches to "ah", this is the "Diva Dance" which is not a part of the Il Dolce Suono. (thanks to Kerry, State College, PAadd more info

Q: I have been looking for the Hawaiian song for some time now. What is the name of it? "Vacation Cruise"? (from joe in INDIANA)
A: The Hawaiian song is likely a traditional song of welcome/love and was not scored by Eric Serra. It only appears on one version of the soundtrack, whose origins are a mystery, and likely not commercial or from authentic sources. On the official 10th anniversary version of the complete soundtrack, the song does not appear whatsoever. I am aware of and own 3 versions of the soundtrack - one the commercially released "shortened" version, the "10th Anniversary Complete Original Soundtrack" (which includes "Alech Taadi" but no lyrics to the Ruby Raps), and the "unofficial" complete score which includes the Hawaiian song, and music from the trailers, plus rumored unused film cues. "Alech Taadi" is also included, but both it and the Hawaiian song are covered with noise and SFX which likely make them from a fan rip of the film. (thanks to LeelooD5E, St. Louis, MOadd more info

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