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Freddy Got Fingered soundtrack

Freddy Got Fingered (2001)
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Format: CD
UPC: 01877737462
Label: Restless
Label number: 73746
Running time: not on file
Shipping date: April 17th, 2001
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Album Tracklist
1.  Problems - Sex Pistols [4:10]
2.  Blood, Sex And Booze - Green Day [3:31]
3.  I've Gotta Be Me - Iggy Pop [1:40]
4.  Cars - Fear Factory / Gary Numan [3:34]
5.  We're A Happy Family - Ramones [2:33]
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls
I Just Wanna Love You (Give It 2 Me) - Jay-Z (found on the CD "The Dynasty: Roc La Familia 2000")
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing - The New Seekers
I've Gotta Be Me - Sammy Davis, Jr.
The Real Slim Shady - Eminem (found on the CD "The Marshall Mathers LP")
When a Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge
Who's Gonna Love You - Clark Anderson

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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: What's the song playing in the scene when Gord is in the shower with his father's scuba gear on? (from D in Nevada)
A: "Om Jai Jagadeesha" ("Salutations to the Lord of the World"), a traditional song. (thanks to Anthony, Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when Gord's dad gives the car keys to his son and say its an investment in him? Same music plays in others dramatic scenes too. (from Marcelo in Brazil)
A: Sounds like an original cue by Mike Simpson, the composer. He didn't put it on the soundtrack, though, so it'll be hard to find. (thanks to Anthony, Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: What's the song or beat that plays right before Gord enters the production company building? (The Japan Four Scene) It plays right before he enters the building and continues through his encounter with both the security guard and Dave Davidson's secretary.
...from Bryan in Connecticut (answer Bryan's question)

Q: What's the song playing when he's standing in the rain and throws his drawings away? (from jesse in pennsylvania)
A: It's Moby's "Natural Blues." (thanks to harley, Kearney Neadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when Gord is in his room drawing then his dad comes in and rips all his work? (from a in vancouver)
A: "Microphone Fiend" by Eric B. & Rakim. (thanks to Anthony, chicago, ILadd more info

Q: What is the song playing after Gord meets Betty at the hospital? (from shocko  in wausau, wisconsin, united state)
A: Track 10, "Lucky Me, Lucky You" (thanks to Anthony, Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when Freddy is on the couch in that home full of sick children? (from dustin lampman in brantford ont)
A: "Toy Parade" written by Melvyn Lenard, Mort Greene and Dave Kahn (thanks to Anonymous, New Zelandadd more info

Q: What is the name of the melody that begins when Freddy reaches the door to open it and finds out that he's going to be taken away at the kids house? This music continues during the whole conversation between him and the doctor woman.
...from Z. in Mozambik (answer Z.'s question)

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