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Garden State soundtrack

Garden State (2004)
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Format: CD
UPC: 82796928432
Label: Epic Soundtrax
Label number: 92843
Running time: 52m55s
Shipping date: August 10th, 2004
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Album Tracklist
1.  Don't Panic - Coldplay [2:16]
2.  Caring is Creepy - The Shins [3:20]
3.  In the Waiting Line - Zero 7 [4:33]
4.  New Slang - The Shins [3:51]
5.  I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You - Colin Hay [5:18]
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
Adelita - Francisco Tarrega
Fast Lane - Chad Fisher
Love Will Come Through - Travis
Orange Sky - Alexi Murdock
Such Great Heights - The Postal Service (used in trailers/advertisments) 
Three Times a Lady - Lionel Richie
Winter - Joshua Radin (Also appears in Scrubs Episodes 3.14 & 6.11) 
You Can Call Me - The Sho-Shot All-Stars

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Additional soundtrack info
Braff won a Grammy in February of 2005 for "Best Compilation Soundtrack For A Motion Picture" for Garden State, on which he served as the compilation producer.

Director Zach Braff says when he was trying to get companies to buy the script and make the movie, he gave a copy of a CD containing the songs from the movie with it.

Director/writer/star Zach Braff is a big fan of the band The Shins. The group was not particularly well known until the release of this feature. "New Slang" (by the aforementioned band, track 4 on this CD) is also on the soundtrack to a show Braff acts on, "Scrubs."

Soundtrack Q & A
Q: I was wondering if it is possible to get the background music of the song "Such Great Heights" by Iron and Wine. No vocal please. If this is possible please tell me where I can locate it.
...from Lisa in Grafton, WV (answer Lisa's question)

Q: What is the song playing on the DVD menu? I can only hear a part of it and there are no lyrics. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure it's not on the CD. Anyone know what it is and where can I get it? (from BH in Washington, DC)
A: I found this answer from the Zach Braff website forum. It doesn't really help any because the song was never released. In case the link doesn't work it says: "We are getting email daily asking about the song playing during the menu area on the DVD. So here is the answer. The unreleased DVD menu song is "Motorcycle Ride with Sam" by Chad Fisher. This is not the official name, cause it doesn't really have one. It's been named "Motorcycle Ride with Sam" by fans. Again this is unreleased." (thanks to Roberto, new haven, ctadd more info
A: Chad Fischer's song "Motorcycle Ride with Sam" is displayed on his myspace page ( (thanks to Niels, Rhinelandadd more info

Q: What's the name of the Indian-style music playing in Zach Braff's airplane crash dream? (from Kalle Heinz in Germany)
A: "The music during the airplane scene is from a Ganesh alarm clock. The words are a prayer/song to the Hindu God" (thanks to Pat, Indianaadd more info
A: It's called "Vakratunda Mahakaya" (thanks to kbjm, seasideadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when they jump into the pool? (from Ali in Boston, Ma)
A: There isn't a song playing when they jump into the pool. (thanks to Anthony, Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: What is the song and performer heard during the airplane emergency descent? (from mel in paris, france)
A: Just like above, it is a song/prayer to the hindu god Ganesh, god of wisdom. It is produced by an alarm clock and has no known performer. The song is titled Vakratunda Mahakaya. (thanks to Furious George, Port Angeles, Washingtonadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when they first get to the party? It started as soon as they walked in the house and had the cool 80s rap sound going... (from disgrace in Indiana Princeton)
A: The sample and lyrics make it appear to be a cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Pusherman" however I've never been able to find it out. (thanks to The duke of salty snax, NCadd more info

Q: What song is playing at the party in the start when they play spin the bottle and take drugs? (from Gunn in Edinburgh)
A: "In The Waiting Line" by ZERO 7 (thanks to Munch, Vancouveradd more info

Q: What's the song playing at the party when they're playing spin the bottle, right before Large takes the pill? It's got a lot of bass, I DON'T mean the Zero 7 song... this one is more background music. (from Slon in NY/St. Andrews)
A: "You Can Call Me" by the Sho-Shot All Stars (thanks to Anthony, Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: What song is playing when Largeman first rides the motorcycle and is stopped by his friend who is a policeman? (from lex in boston)
A: "Caring is Creepy" by the Shins (thanks to Lola, miami,fladd more info

Q: What is the hindu prayer/song we hear in the opening scene (in the airplane dream)? (from Franz Ferdinand in Vienna, Austria)
A: It's a prayer to ganesh called Vakratunda Mahakaya, taken from a hindu alarm clock. (thanks to Furious George, Port Angeles, Washingtonadd more info

Q: What song is playing when Large kisses Dana at the party?? (from zzzuuaaa in TX USA)
A: It's "Whitey" by Everlast from Eat at Whitey's. (thanks to Michael, Switzerlandadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when they are leaving the motel hidden passageway? It's an indian-sounding track.... (from Shab in Pakistan)
A: Track 9, "Lebanese Blonde." (thanks to Anthony, Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: What are the two quotes on the inside of the album cover?
...from sofia in eastern sububs (answer sofia's question)

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