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Ice Age 2 The Meltdown soundtrack

Ice Age 2 The Meltdown (2006)
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Format: CD
UPC: 03020667252
Label: Varese Sarabande
Label number: 302 066 725
Running time: 62m50s
Shipping date: March 28th, 2006
Original score by John Powell
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Album Tracklist
1. The Waterpark
2. The Vulture of Doom
3. Migration
4. Call of the Mammoth
5. Sad Manny and The Possums
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
Real Love - Lee Ryan (end credits song) 

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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: What song is playing on the Ice Age 2 website? (from liv in scunthorpe uk)
A: It's amazing. I never thought anybody would NOT know that song. "Ice, Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, which samples "Under Pressure" by Queen/David Bowie. (thanks to Anthony, N. Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: Who sings which song on the soundtrack?  (from ashley in new york)
A: "Sid's Sing-a-Long" features Sid (John Leguizamo) and the mini-sloths that he meets in the film. "Food Glorious Food" features the vultures that are in the film. (thanks to Goofyboy777, Colton, CAadd more info
A: John Powell is the artist of all of the songs on the album, but in "Sid's Sing-a-Long," John Powell and John Leguizamo are the artists. The rest is by Powell only. It's a great movie by the way, you all should see it! (thanks to Molly, Caladd more info

Q: Does anybody know the first song you hear in the trailer? (from JoostvV in Utrecht, Netherlands)
A: I have seen quite a few trailers for the film but the trailer on the official website has the song "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers. (thanks to fluffybunny, UKadd more info

Q: Is "Food Glorious Food" the song from the musical "Oliver!"? If yes, is it the same? (from homerschum in UT, USA)
A: It's in the movie with different lyrics. It's about eating pre-historic mammals. I laughed so hard at that part in the film. (thanks to Mark, Canadaadd more info
A: Yup, it's from the musical Oliver. But it's not the same. Like, intead of "great big steak," they say "Mammoth steak." And they say, "pouched possum sur flambe" and "broth made from a sloth" and also "saber tooth souffle." It's so funny! That was prbably one of my favorite parts in the movie. This is an 11 out of 10 movie rating. (thanks to Liz, Canadaadd more info

Q: What three songs does Sid make up about the fact that mammoths are extinct? The only one I can remember part of is "...If your species is gonna live, clap your hands..." What are the other two songs? Thanks! (from Kelly in Illinois)
A: "Hey, hey what's that sound? All the mammals in the ground..." (thanks to ladymay, NYadd more info
A: "Someday, when the mammoth's gone..." (thanks to Carol, Makati, Philippinesadd more info
A: Sid: When you've gone extinct, when you've made a stink...
Manny: Stop singing, Sid.
Sid: Hey kids, whats that sound? All the mammoths are in the ground!
Manny: Shut up, Sid.
Sid: If your speices will continue clap your hands, (clap clap)
Manny: Sid, I will fall on you again, and this time, I will kill you!
Sid: Somebody doesn't like the classics........

Funny, eh? (thanks to Liz, Canadaadd more info

Q: What is the name of the cool tribal song with the mini-sloths that plays during the final credits when you see cave art on the screen? (from ross in Seattle,WA)
A: "Mini-Sloths Sing-a-Long," track 31 on the CD. (thanks to dragaroo, CAadd more info

Q: What are the songs for the credits in this film? (from Andrew Briggs in Stoke, England)
A: The first one is "Mini-sloths sing-a-long," but i have no idea about the second one! NEED TO KNOW!! (thanks to Faye, Leeds in the UKadd more info
A: The second one is "The Meltdown," the last track on the CD. (thanks to Daniel M.M., Bulgariaadd more info

Q: What are they singing in the mini-sloth song?  (from F in USA)
A: Something along the lines of "aaaaaaah-ah-ah-ah-aaaah-AHAHAAAAAHAAAA." Yep. I don't think there's actual words. (thanks to Blahnee, Canadaadd more info
A: I think you hear them saying something like "...Sid, you bring us fire..." or something like that. (thanks to katy, MAadd more info
A: And in the end they sing: "Must not die"... but I don't understand anything else. (thanks to PaperTiger, Lisbon, Portugaladd more info

Q: Which song is played over the end credits? I think it's something with "Real Love." (from elena in Meppen, Germany)
A: "Real Love" is the name of the song. Also, the singer's name is Lee Ryan. He's one of the members of UK boy band Blue. (thanks to Rambod, Canadaadd more info

Q: What are the lyrics to "Sid's Sing-a-long"? (from Faye in England)
A: There aren't any real words in the song - the mini-sloths are just making "aaaaaaahhhhh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah" sounds. (thanks to skooblah, Canadaadd more info
A: I disagree. During the embellished end credits version, it sounds like a chorus is singing homages to Sid. At one point, I sounds like they're singing, "Sid, you bring us fire...and desire". Of course that may not be the real words, but they're definitely singing something other than complete gibberish. (thanks to Lashrito, Houston TXadd more info
A: I also hear them saying "Sexy, funky, sexy funky..." at one "chorus" early in the song during the credits. (thanks to Sniperx, Japanadd more info
A: Yeah, I also heard "sexy mumma" or something very similar. (thanks to Tahnee, Australiaadd more info
A: I'm pretty sure I heard them saying "Sexy Monkey." I also hear them singing something along the lines of "Sid, King of fire" and "Sid who brings us fire." (thanks to Jen, Illinoisadd more info
A: There aren't any intentional ones. It's based on a Tibetan call-and-answer song from The Monkey King. Aside from being in a guttural language, the sounds are supposed to be 'primal' or 'beastly'. (thanks to Kitty, Buffalo, NYadd more info

Q: What is the second song in the credits?!?! (from Faye ... again in England)
A: It is called "The Meltdown" track 32 on the CD, the very last track. (thanks to Courtney, Massachusetts, United Statesadd more info

Q: What is the very last song that is played during the credits? It's performed by a choir and an orchestra. (from Fredericka in Johannesburg, South Africa)
A: Well there are two songs that play during the credits. The very first one that plays, right after the end of the movie, is called "Mini sloth sing along" (track 31 on the CD), and the second one, that is all instrumental is called "The Meltdown" (track 32 on the CD). (thanks to Courtney, Massachusetts, United Statesadd more info

Q: Where can I find the orchestral score of the soundtrack? (from Myuu in nowhere)
A: The orchestral score is on this CD. The written score, as in music notes on paper? You can't get that! (thanks to OSTfan, Burlingameadd more info

Q: What's the music playing near the end when they are walking into the sunset? It's kind of an upbeat song. If anyone could help it would be so great. The melody is kind of a wee, a wum a weh... a weh a wum a weh. (from robyn in Oklahoma City, OK)
A: Track 28 on the CD, "Into the Sunset." (thanks to Daniel M.M., Bulgariaadd more info
A: Rusted Root's "Send Me" (thanks to Daniel K, Norwayadd more info

Q: I really would appreciate it if someone gave me the lyrics to the Ice Age 2 version of "Food glorious food." I only know the first few lines. Thanks a lot! (from Liz in Canada)
A: The "rank, battered or chewed" line may be wrong, but I believe the rest is correct:
Food, glorious food
We're anxious to try it
Three banquets a day
Our favorite diet
Just picture a mammoth steak
Fried, roasted or stewed
Oh food, wonderful food
Marvelous food, glorious food.

Food, glorious food
Poached possum served flambe'd
Broth made from a sloth
Or saber tooth souffle
Why should we be fated to
Do nothing but brood on
Food, magical food
Wonderful food
Marvelous food

Food, glorious food
Flesh picked off the dead ones
Rank, battered or chewed
Soon we'll be the fed ones
Just thinking of putrid meat
Puts us in a mood for
Food glorious food
Marvelous food
Fabulous food
Beautiful food
Magical food
Glorious food

(thanks to Bj, Seattleadd more info

Q: What is the name of the song that plays on and off throughout the entire movie? The only part I can remember is that it repeats the phrase "all the way" quite a few times. (from Charlotte in due west, sc)
A: Rusted Roots "Send Me" (thanks to ale, Rome, Italyadd more info

Q: Which song did Sid dance to in the movie? (from paola in mexico)
A: "Sid's Sing-A-Long." Track 17 on the CD. (thanks to Daniel M.M., Bulgariaadd more info

Q: What's that animal with the shrill voice from both songs? Is it a chiken or something? It doesn't sound like a mini-sloth. (from Daniel M.M. in Bulgaria)
A: In the song "Glorious Food," it's a vulture chick. I don't know which other song you mean though. (thanks to Marein, Nijmegen, Netherlandsadd more info

Q: I heard somewhere that a song by Styx was in the movie, but I don't know which song! Does anyone know?
...from DW in Wisconsin (answer DW's question)

Q: What is the song playing when the little mammoth is walking in the snow (when she remembers the tree)? (from caylie in new york)
A: On the soundtrack it's "Ellie Remembers." (thanks to Li, UKadd more info

Q: What choir sang as the mini-sloths in Sids-sing-along? Do they have other songs or a CD? (from matty matt in New Jersey USA)
A: Their music is only on this CD. (thanks to Soundtrack.NUTadd more info

Q: When the squirrel dies and goes to acorn heaven, what is the name of the beautiful classical music piece we hear? Who wrote it? (from ale in Tijuana, BC, Mexico )
A: On the soundtrack, it's called "The Pearly Gates (Adagio From Spartacus)" (thanks to Marein, Nijmegen, Netherlandsadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when Manny hangs upside down in a tree? It's like a piano sling...
...from Stoy in Sweden (answer Stoy's question)

Q: What's the song playing in the credits? The yrics are something like "...put your hands together like this...."
...from nickrichards86 in swansea (answer nickrichards86's question)

Q: Which choir sings the song playing when the possum hits the tree then recovers miraculously?
...from russ in Bristol,England,uk (answer russ's question)

Q: What's the very last music we hear in the credits? It sounds like a trumpet or another type of horn instrument. I want to know badly! Thanks in advance!  (from tong in alaska)
A: The song is not actually on the soundtrack. It is a song composed and performed by Emmure named "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong". You're welcome. :) (thanks to The Trustworthy Jack, Brisbane Australia.add more info

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