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The Namesake soundtrack

The Namesake (2006)
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Format: CD
UPC: 01166190722
Label: Rounder
Label number: 619072
Running time: not on file
Shipping date: March 6th, 2007
Original score by Nitin Sawhney
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Album Tracklist
1. Shoes to America
2. Opening Titles
3. First Day in New York
4.  Jhiri Jhiri Choyetali - Geeta Dutt
5.  Flight IC408 - State of Bengal
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: Who is the artist who portrays Ashima's singing voice in the film? I don't think it's the actress Tabu. I would love to find those tracks and perhaps other music by that singer. (from Wendy in Los Angeles, CA, USA)
A: According to the soundtrack booklet, the singer is Mitali Bhawmik, whose voice is featured in the tracks "The Namesake Opening Titles" and "The Namesake Reprise." Hope this helps. :) (thanks to Marisa, CA, USadd more info
A: Visit for more info on Mitali Bhawmik. (thanks to Sudipta, New Jerseyadd more info

Q: Track 20 seems to be a cover of a song written by someone else, but I cannot remember who. Some of the lyrics are "...How many roads must I travel?" and the ones following that line are definitely from another song. What is this song? (from david in Nebraska)
A: It's the song called "Same Song" Susheela Raman (thanks to thomas, aaaadd more info

Q: There are some other songs in the movie that are not mentioned anywhere, like the music playing in the car when Gogol and his girlfriend leave the Ganguli house before going to Oyster Bay. Any ideas? (from Don in Chicago, IL USA)
A: The song you mention is "Karate" by Kennedy. He has a page where you can hear the song. (thanks to xmassong, Bostonadd more info

Q: I am looking for the lyrics and the ring tone on Gogols wife's cell phone... "Bonjour Monsieur" in french electronic style music. Who performs this song? (from amy in los angeles ,CA)
A: The name of the song is "Riviera Rendezvous" by Ursula 1000 off the album Kinda Kinky. (thanks to Rebecca, New Jerseyadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when Gogol and Max are driving to her parents' vacation house?
...from Allie in NJ (answer Allie's question)

Q: What is the song playing when Gogol is getting his head shaved after his father's death? It is a rap song. (from koodies in san diego)
A: "The Chosen One." I don't believe it's any longer than what you hear in the film. (thanks to mje5270, Minneapolis, MNadd more info

Q: What song is playing after Gogol is married and they are sitting in the room and start dancing with each other? (from Jess in New Jersey)
A: I think it is Ye Mera Divanapan (track 11) (thanks to Cat, New Zealandadd more info

Q: What is the song Gogol is rocking out to when his father enters his bedroom to give him the graduation gift book? (from Jacali in Indianapolis, IN)
A: "Once" by Pearl Jam. (thanks to pavan, hyderabad,indiaadd more info

Q: What's the French song playing in this movie? (from BAL in ny)
A: It's "Riviera Rendezvous" by Ursula 1000 (thanks to biby12, Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when the family is on the plane on the way to India?
...from kelikapri in Detroit (answer kelikapri's question)

Q: What is the DVD menu song? It sounds like traditional music and it's quite lovely. I thought it may be on the soundtrack, but I'm not sure.
...from Summer in Washington, DC (answer Summer's question)

Q: I know the song "Riviera Rendezvous" by Ursula 1000 is the ringtone on his wife's phone. Is there anywhere I can get that exact ringtone?? I have been searching for a while.. but they obviously must have remixed it for the movie.
...from DJ C in Seattle (answer DJ C's question)

Q: What is the song Gogol's mom is singing at the end of movie? It is the most beautiful song I have ever heard!
...from Sailrjup12 in Nh101582 (answer Sailrjup12's question)

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