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The Number 23 soundtrack

The Number 23 (2007)
Product detail
Format: CD
UPC: 79404390812
Label: New Line Records
Label number: 39081
Running time: 44m11s
Shipping date: February 20th, 2007
Original score by Harry Gregson-Williams
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Album Tracklist
1. Opening Titles
2. Fingerling's Childhood
3. Suicide Blonde
4. Ned
5. 11:12pm
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: I saw a clip of this movie when Jim Carrey was on The Tonight Show. The clip was of a seduction scene between Jim and Virginia (as a brunette). I must have this music! Can you tell me who it is please? Can't wait to see the movie. (from Kelli Garcia in Houston, Tx)
A: I know the band but not sure of the song. The band is Interpol. Hope that narrows it down a bit. (thanks to kelc, chesapeake, virginia usaadd more info
A: "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge (thanks to JuanValdez, Columbiaadd more info
A: I was also looking for this band, and I found the info. It's not Interpol. I knew it wasn't them the second I heard it, although I do hear some similarities in the style of singing the lead singer has chosen to adopt. Anyway, the band's name is She Wants Revenge and it's off their self titled album released in 2006. I'm listening to it right now. :) (thanks to thegscott, canada ontarioadd more info

Q: I am trying to find a rock song played in this movie. It's heard when Jim Carrey is walking in the darker part of night. It's got a really cool guitar riff. Can anyone help me?  (from Dave in Lancaster, NY)
A: Is this "Tear You Apart," mentioned above? (thanks to Anthony, Chicago, IL (USA)add more info

Q: At the end of the movie there is a song, I think by Iggy Pop... not sure; Could you tell me the name please? (from arturo in Mexico, city)
A: Actually, it's Nine Horses: "The Banality of Evil." (thanks to Anthony, Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when he first meets the brunette girl in the story? She walks up, a few sexual gestures are exchanged and then the ermmm... sex starts :O (from bob in Perth)
A: It's the aforementioned tune by She Wants Revenge: "Tear You Apart" (thanks to Ztern, Finlandadd more info

Q: What song is playing when Fingerling meets Fabrizzia for the first time? (from raluka in Romania)
A: Third time asked. Same answer: "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge. (thanks to Anthony, Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: The music cue playing when Ned takes Walter to the graveyard for the first time and Agatha finds the book doesn't seem to be on the CD. Am I missing something?
...from Sam in Belgium (answer Sam's question)

Q: What is the song/artist playing when Fabrizia first appears in the movie? (from Ashley in Shelton, CT)
A: Anthony and Juan answered that question. thanks to them. It's "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge. (thanks to tendruck, Tbilisi, Georgiaadd more info

Q: Who are the artists for all of the songs? (from jess in arkansas)
A: Do you mean on the CD? It's all music written by Harry Gregson-Williams. (thanks to DrReggie, Fort Knoxadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when Walter and Agatha are in Room 23 and then he runs out of the hotel onto the street in front of the bus? (from Hayley Halliwell in Newcastle, Australia)
A: Try tracks 8 and 9 on this CD. (thanks to anthony, Chicago, ILadd more info
A: It's not either the 7th nor the 8th track... please can someone answer?? (thanks to giulia, lucca, italyadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when that retard girl is walking down the street in the stilletos? (from im so cool. in hamilton.)
A: Again, sixth time, "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge. (thanks to Anthony, Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: Who sings the suicide blonde song??? (from kristina in alaska)
A: "Suicide Blonde" is by a band called Jacks Mannequin. (thanks to me, australiaadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when he first meets Fabritsia? In the background there is something on fire. (from Keith in the god damn underground)
A: "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge. (thanks to barispolat, TURKEYadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when Fingerling throws Dr. Miles Phoenix out of the window and Fingerling looks down to see his body?
...from Ryan in deltona, fl (answer Ryan's question)

Q: What song is playing when Fruencia came down the street in black and white?
...from bjeancox in virginia (answer bjeancox's question)

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