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Mark Mancina
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Mark Mancina (sort list by letter or year)
Moana soundtrack (2016)
Moana (Deluxe Edition) soundtrack (2016)
Planes Fire and Rescue soundtrack (2014)
Planes soundtrack (2013)
Sorcery (game) soundtrack (2012)
Shooter soundtrack (2007)
The Haunted Mansion (score) soundtrack (2003)
Domestic Disturbance soundtrack (2001)
Tarzan soundtrack (1999)
Return to Paradise soundtrack (1998)
Con Air soundtrack (1997)
Speed 2 (score) soundtrack (1997)
Moll Flanders soundtrack (1996)
Twister (score) (expanded) soundtrack (1996)
Twister (score) soundtrack (1996)
Bad Boys soundtrack (1995)
Bad Boys (score) soundtrack (1995)
Money Train (score) soundtrack (1995)
Speed (score) soundtrack (1994)
Speed (score) (expanded) soundtrack (1994)
20th Century Fox 75 Years Of Great Film Music
Mark Mancina also appears on these soundtrack CDs
August Rush soundtrack (2007)
Bad Boys soundtrack (1995)
Brother Bear soundtrack (2003)
The Haunted Mansion soundtrack (2003)
Money Train soundtrack (1995)
Training Day soundtrack (2001)