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David Newman
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by David Newman (sort list by letter or year)
Tarzan soundtrack (2014)
Animals United soundtrack (2010)
The Spirit soundtrack (2008)
Norbit soundtrack (2007)
Serenity soundtrack (2005)
The Cat in the Hat soundtrack (2003)
Ice Age soundtrack (2002)
The Affair of the Necklace soundtrack (2001)
Brokedown Palace (score) soundtrack (1999)
Galaxy Quest soundtrack (1999)
Galaxy Quest (remastered) soundtrack (1999)
Anastasia soundtrack (1997)
Bowfinger soundtrack (1997)
Out to Sea soundtrack (1997)
Jingle All The Way soundtrack (1996)
Jingle All The Way (score) soundtrack (1996)
Matilda soundtrack (1996)
The Phantom soundtrack (1996)
The Phantom (expanded) soundtrack (1996)
Operation Dumbo Drop soundtrack (1995)
D2 The Mighty Ducks soundtrack (1994)
I Love Trouble soundtrack (1994)
Hoffa soundtrack (1993)
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (score) soundtrack (1991)
The Marrying Man soundtrack (1991)
Duck Tales The Movie Treasure of the Lost Lamp soundtrack (1990)
Fire Birds soundtrack (1990)
Meet the Applegates soundtrack (1990)
Mr. Destiny soundtrack (1990)
The Runestone soundtrack (1990)
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (score) soundtrack (1989)
Heathers soundtrack (1989)
Heathers (Encore Edition) soundtrack (1989)
Little Monsters soundtrack (1989)
The Brave Little Toaster soundtrack (1987)
The Kindred soundtrack (1987)
Malone soundtrack (1987)
My Demon Lover soundtrack (1987)
Throw Momma From The Train soundtrack (1987)
Amazing Stories (TV) Anthology Two soundtrack (1986)
Critters soundtrack (1986)
Coneheads / Talent For The Game / The Itsy-Bitsy Spider
Good Morning Vietnam / Operation Dumbo Drop
The Monster Movie Music Album
Paradise / Can't Buy Me Love
20th Century Fox 75 Years Of Great Film Music
The War of the Roses / The Sandlot
David Newman also appears on these soundtrack CDs
Amazing Stories (TV) Anthology Two soundtrack (1986)
Brokedown Palace soundtrack (1999)
D2 The Mighty Ducks soundtrack (1994)
Duets soundtrack (2000)
The Flintstones soundtrack (1994)
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas soundtrack (2000)
Jingle All The Way soundtrack (1996)
Scooby Doo soundtrack (2002)
Tales from the Crypt (TV) soundtrack (1989)
Varese Sarabande A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Varese Sarabande A 30th Anniversary Celebration