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John Ottman
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by John Ottman (sort list by letter or year)
X-Men Apocalypse soundtrack (2016)
Non-Stop soundtrack (2014)
X-Men Days of Future Past soundtrack (2014)
Jack the Giant Slayer soundtrack (2013)
Unknown soundtrack (2011)
Astro Boy soundtrack (2009)
Orphan soundtrack (2009)
Valkyrie soundtrack (2008)
Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer soundtrack (2007)
The Invasion soundtrack (2007)
Superman Returns (expanded) soundtrack (2006)
Superman Returns soundtrack (2006)
Fantastic Four (score) soundtrack (2005)
Hide and Seek soundtrack (2005)
House of Wax (score) soundtrack (2005)
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang soundtrack (2005)
Cellular soundtrack (2004)
Gothika soundtrack (2003)
X-Men 2 (X2) soundtrack (2003)
X-Men United (X2) soundtrack (2003)
X-Men United (X2) (expanded) soundtrack (2003)
Eight Legged Freaks soundtrack (2002)
Point of Origin (TV) soundtrack (2002)
Pumpkin soundtrack (2002)
Trapped soundtrack (2002)
Bubble Boy soundtrack (2001)
Urban Legends Final Cut soundtrack (2000)
Lake Placid soundtrack (1999)
Apt Pupil soundtrack (1998)
Goodbye Lover soundtrack (1998)
Portrait of Terror soundtrack (1998)
Incognito soundtrack (1997)
Snow White A Tale of Terror soundtrack (1997)
The Usual Suspects soundtrack (1995)
The Usual Suspects (remastered) soundtrack (1995)
The Cable Guy (score) / Fantasy Island (TV)
Comic Strip Heroes
Cruel Intentions - The Scores of John Ottman
The Greatest Film Classics
Halloween The Sound of Evil
20th Century Fox 75 Years Of Great Film Music
John Ottman also appears on these soundtrack CDs
The Cable Guy soundtrack (1996)
Film Noir!
Imaginary Heroes soundtrack (2004)
Orphan soundtrack (2009)
Ultra Noir
The Usual Suspects (remastered) soundtrack (1995)
Varese Sarabande A 30th Anniversary Celebration