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Gabriel Yared
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Gabriel Yared (sort list by letter or year)
The Promise soundtrack (2017)
Juste la fin du monde soundtrack (2016)
Chocolat soundtrack (2015)
Tom at the Farm soundtrack (2014)
A Royal Affair soundtrack (2012)
Belle du Seigneur soundtrack (2011)
In the Land of Blood and Honey soundtrack (2011)
Amelia soundtrack (2009)
Adam Resurrected soundtrack (2008)
1408 soundtrack (2007)
Breaking & Entering soundtrack (2006)
The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen) soundtrack (2006)
Sylvia soundtrack (2003)
Possession soundtrack (2002)
Lisa soundtrack (2001)
Not Afraid, Not Afraid soundtrack (2001)
Autumn in New York soundtrack (2000)
Message in a Bottle (score) soundtrack (1999)
The Talented Mr. Ripley soundtrack (1999)
The English Patient soundtrack (1996)
Wings of Courage (IMAX) soundtrack (1995)
L'Arche et les Déluges (The Ark and the Deluge) soundtrack (1993)
The Lover soundtrack (1992)
The Lover (L'amant) (expanded) soundtrack (1992)
Map of the Human Heart soundtrack (1992)
Les 1001 Nuits (1000 Nights) soundtrack (1990)
Camille Claudel soundtrack (1988)
Betty Blue (37°2 Le Matin) soundtrack (1986)
Adieu Bonaparte soundtrack (1985)
Nemo (Dream One) soundtrack (1984)
The Moon in the Gutter (La Lune dans le caniveau) soundtrack (1983)
Invitation au Voyage soundtrack (1982)
Adieu Bonaparte / The First Circle
Body Heat Jazz at the Movies
Critic's Choice Best Movie Themes of the '90s
The English Patient and Other Art House Classics
Great Movie Love Themes
L'Imprecateur / Interdit aux moins de 13 ans
Leonard Maltin's Favorite Movie Themes
Music for Films by Jean Pierre Mocky
La Putain du roi / La Diagonale du fou / L'instinct de l'ange
Sarah / Desordre
Sex and the Cinema
Gabriel Yared also appears on these soundtrack CDs
Belle du Seigneur soundtrack (2011)
City of Angels soundtrack (1998)
Cold Mountain soundtrack (2003)
Message in a Bottle soundtrack (1999)
The Next Best Thing soundtrack (2000)
The Talented Mr. Ripley soundtrack (1999)
The Tourist soundtrack (2010)
Varese Sarabande A 30th Anniversary Celebration