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Richard Band
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Richard Band (sort list by letter or year)
Ravenwolf Towers soundtrack (2016)
Trophy Heads soundtrack (2014)
Shiver soundtrack (2012)
Stargate (TV) (Best of Season One) soundtrack (1997)
Stargate SG-1 (TV) soundtrack (1997)
Robo Warriors soundtrack (1996)
Castle Freak (reissue) soundtrack (1995)
Castle Freak soundtrack (1995)
Dragonworld soundtrack (1994)
Shrunken Heads (reissue) soundtrack (1994)
Shrunken Heads soundtrack (1994)
Prehysteria soundtrack (1993)
Remote soundtrack (1993)
Demonic Toys soundtrack (1992)
Parasite soundtrack (1992)
The Arrival soundtrack (1991)
The Resurrected soundtrack (1991)
Bride of Re-Animator soundtrack (1990)
Crash and Burn soundtrack (1990)
The Pit and the Pendulum (expanded) soundtrack (1990)
The Pit and the Pendulum soundtrack (1990)
Arena soundtrack (1989)
Prison soundtrack (1988)
The Caller soundtrack (1987)
From Beyond (remastered) soundtrack (1986)
From Beyond soundtrack (1986)
Ghost Warrior soundtrack (1986)
TerrorVision soundtrack (1986)
Troll soundtrack (1986)
Re-Animator soundtrack (1985)
Re-Animator soundtrack (1985)
Mutant (Night Shadows) soundtrack (1984)
Mutant (expanded) soundtrack (1984)
Metalstorm soundtrack (1983)
The House on Sorority Row soundtrack (1982)
Time Walker soundtrack (1982)
Laserblast soundtrack (1977)
The Alchemist / Zone Troopers
The Day Time Ended / The Dungeonmaster
Doctor Mordrid / Demonic Toys
The House on Sorority Row / The Alchemist
Puppet Master / Puppet Master II (reissue)
Puppet Master / Puppet Master II
Puppet Master Soundtrack Collection Box
Puppet Master X / The Evil Clergyman
Re-Animator / Ghoulies
Up and Down - Richard Band Film and Television Music
Richard Band also appears on these soundtrack CDs
Re-Animator soundtrack (1985)