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John Scott
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by John Scott (sort list by letter or year)
Odyssey of the Belem soundtrack (2003)
Time of the Wolf soundtrack (2002)
The Wind in the Willows soundtrack (2001)
Shergar soundtrack (1999)
The New Swiss Family Robinson soundtrack (1998)
The Scarlet Tunic soundtrack (1998)
The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli and Baloo soundtrack (1997)
The Mill on the Floss soundtrack (1997)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (TV) soundtrack (1997)
Walking Thunder soundtrack (1997)
Far From Home soundtrack (1995)
The North Star soundtrack (1995)
The Lucona Affair soundtrack (1993)
Ruby soundtrack (1992)
Shogun Mayeda soundtrack (1992)
Witchcraft (TV) soundtrack (1992)
Becoming Colette soundtrack (1991)
Lionheart soundtrack (1990)
William the Conqueror (TV) soundtrack (1990)
Red King, White Knight (TV) soundtrack (1989)
Winter People / A Prayer for the Dying soundtrack (1989)
The Deceivers soundtrack (1988)
Shoot To Kill soundtrack (1988)
Man on Fire soundtrack (1987)
King Kong Lives soundtrack (1986)
Mountbatten (TV) The Last Viceroy soundtrack (1986)
The Whistle Blower soundtrack (1986)
Greystoke soundtrack (1984)
Greystoke (remastered) soundtrack (1984)
To the Ends of the Earth soundtrack (1983)
Yor, The Hunter From The Future soundtrack (1983)
The Final Countdown (reissue) soundtrack (1980)
The Final Countdown soundtrack (1980)
North Dallas Forty soundtrack (1979)
The People That Time Forgot soundtrack (1977)
Satan's Slave (Evil Heritage) soundtrack (1976)
Antony & Cleopatra soundtrack (1973)
Antony and Cleopatra soundtrack (1973)
Rocket to the Moon soundtrack (1967)
A Study in Terror soundtrack (1965)
Best of Adventure
John Scott Conducts His Own Favorite Film Scores
The Monster Movie Music Album
The Shooting Party / Birds and Planes
Warriors of the Silver Screen
John Scott also appears on these soundtrack CDs
Die Hard (expanded) (reissue) soundtrack (1988)
Die Hard (expanded) soundtrack (1988)
The Wind in the Willows soundtrack (2001)