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Cliff Martinez
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Cliff Martinez (sort list by letter or year)
The Neon Demon soundtrack (2016)
The Knick (TV) (Season 2) soundtrack (2015)
Far Cry 4 (game) soundtrack (2014)
The Knick (TV) soundtrack (2014)
The Company You Keep soundtrack (2013)
Only God Forgives soundtrack (2013)
Spring Breakers soundtrack (2013)
Arbitrage soundtrack (2012)
Contagion soundtrack (2011)
Drive soundtrack (2011)
The Lincoln Lawyer (score) soundtrack (2011)
Wicker Park (score) soundtrack (2004)
Narc soundtrack (2002)
Solaris soundtrack (2002)
Solaris (remastered) soundtrack (2002)
Traffic soundtrack (2000)
The Limey soundtrack (1999)
The Underneath soundtrack (1995)
King of the Hill soundtrack (1993)
Cult Cuts Music from the Modern Cinema
Film Fest Gent
Film Music Festival (Krakow) 2016
Cliff Martinez also appears on these soundtrack CDs
Spring Breakers soundtrack (2013)