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Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Goblin (sort list by letter or year)
Non Ho Sonno soundtrack (2001)
Dawn of the Dead (40th Anniversary) soundtrack (1978)
Suspiria soundtrack (1977)
Bloody Anthology The Best of Goblin and Claudio Simonetti
The Fantastic Voyage of Goblin
Goblin Volume I (1975-1989)
Goblin Volume II (1975-1980)
Goblin Volume III (1978-1984)
Goblin Volume IV
Goblin also appears on these soundtrack CDs
The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Deluxe Edition) soundtrack (2014)
Goblin Volume IV
Green Lantern (TV) The Animated Series Volume 2 soundtrack (2011)
The Horror Films Collection Volume 2
Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom soundtrack (2016)
The Huntsman Winter's War soundtrack (2016)
Labyrinth soundtrack (1986)
Legend soundtrack (1985)
Legend (re-recording) soundtrack (1985)
Legend (restored score) soundtrack (1985)
Legend soundtrack (1985)
Merlin (TV) Series Three soundtrack (2010)
Spiderman (score) soundtrack (2002)
Spiderman 2 (score) soundtrack (2004)
The Spiderwick Chronicles soundtrack (2008)
Troll 2 soundtrack (1990)