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Mychael Danna
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Mychael Danna (sort list by letter or year)
The Man Who Invented Christmas soundtrack (2017)
Remember soundtrack (2016)
Storks soundtrack (2016)
The Good Dinosaur soundtrack (2015)
Devil's Knot soundtrack (2013)
Life of Pi soundtrack (2012)
Camelot (TV) soundtrack (2011)
Moneyball soundtrack (2011)
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus soundtrack (2009)
The Time Traveler's Wife soundtrack (2009)
Breach soundtrack (2007)
Fracture soundtrack (2007)
Surf's Up (score) soundtrack (2007)
Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack (2006)
The Nativity Story (score) soundtrack (2006)
Tideland soundtrack (2006)
Capote soundtrack (2005)
Water soundtrack (2005)
Where the Truth Lies soundtrack (2005)
Being Julia soundtrack (2004)
Vanity Fair soundtrack (2004)
The Guys soundtrack (2003)
Shattered Glass soundtrack (2003)
Antwone Fisher soundtrack (2002)
Ararat soundtrack (2002)
Green Dragon soundtrack (2001)
Hearts in Atlantis soundtrack (2001)
Monsoon Wedding soundtrack (2001)
Bounce (score) soundtrack (2000)
8mm Eight Millimeter soundtrack (1999)
Felicia's Journey soundtrack (1999)
Girl, Interrupted soundtrack (1999)
Ride With the Devil soundtrack (1999)
Regeneration soundtrack (1998)
The Ice Storm soundtrack (1997)
Kama Sutra soundtrack (1997)
Kama Sutra soundtrack (1997)
Lilies soundtrack (1997)
The Sweet Hereafter soundtrack (1997)
Exotica soundtrack (1994)
Mychael Danna also appears on these soundtrack CDs
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