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Clint Mansell
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Clint Mansell (sort list by letter or year)
Loving Vincent soundtrack (2017)
High Rise soundtrack (2016)
Noah soundtrack (2014)
Black Mirror (TV) San Junipero soundtrack (2013)
Stoker soundtrack (2013)
Last Night soundtrack (2011)
Black Swan soundtrack (2010)
Faster soundtrack (2010)
Moon soundtrack (2009)
Definitely, Maybe soundtrack (2008)
Smokin' Aces (score) soundtrack (2007)
The Fountain soundtrack (2006)
Doom soundtrack (2005)
Sahara (score) soundtrack (2005)
Abandon soundtrack (2002)
Sonny soundtrack (2002)
Requiem for a Dream soundtrack (2000)
Cult Cuts Music from the Modern Cinema
Clint Mansell also appears on these soundtrack CDs
Fox Searchlight 20th Anniversary Album
Pi soundtrack (1998)
Sahara soundtrack (2005)
Smokin' Aces soundtrack (2007)