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Rolfe Kent
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Rolfe Kent (sort list by letter or year)
About Schmidt soundtrack (2002)
Casual (TV) soundtrack (2015)
Charlie St. Cloud soundtrack (2010)
Dexter (TV) Season 8 soundtrack (2014)
Downsizing soundtrack (2017)
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (score) soundtrack (2009)
The Hunting Party soundtrack (2007)
Kate & Leopold soundtrack (2001)
Labor Day soundtrack (2014)
Mr. Popper's Penguins soundtrack (2011)
Nurse Betty soundtrack (2000)
Reign Over Me soundtrack (2007)
Sideways soundtrack (2004)
Slums of Beverly Hills soundtrack (1998)
The Theory of Flight soundtrack (1999)
Town & Country soundtrack (2001)
Wedding Crashers (score) soundtrack (2005)
Rolfe Kent also appears on these soundtrack CDs
Dexter (TV) soundtrack (2007)
Dexter (TV) Season 7 soundtrack (2013)
Election soundtrack (1999)
Fox Searchlight 20th Anniversary Album
Freaky Friday soundtrack (2003)
Just Like Heaven soundtrack (2005)
The Matador soundtrack (2005)
Thank You For Smoking soundtrack (2006)
Up in the Air soundtrack (2009)
Young Adult soundtrack (2011)